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Simran Kholi

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Personal Profile

From a young age, I’ve always had a sense of motivation and passion driving me forward. Whether it’s exploring unique opportunities, learning additional skills, or meeting new people, I bring these values to every experience throughout my life on a personal and professional level. Being multicultural myself (Danish, Indian & British background), discovering and understanding different perspectives and working with individuals from different backgrounds comes naturally to me. 

To learn more about me, keep exploring my site or reach out directly.

London City

My Experience

Background & Expertise

Throughout my studies, I’ve had the opportunity to hold a variety of roles in different companies and institutions throughout the years. Take a look below to learn more about my background and experience.

Communications Consultant - Aarhus University, Herning

August 2023 - Juli 2024

As a communications consultant at AU Herning, I have been able to  further develop my marketing skills. I have learnt how the algorithm works for Instagram and Facebook, which is important when developing a marketing strategy and expanding your digital reach. I have been a part of the Project Leader Team for a project initiated by the university, in collaboration with Industriens Fond.

  • Developed engaging social media marketing campaigns

  • Increased our profile visits by +61.4%,

  • Increased content interactions by +356% within a month

  • In close contact with the 19 companies involved in the university project

  • Successfully planned and executed the university's AU Herning campaign video

  • Created high-quality content for AU Herning's social media platforms

  • Supervised a team of 4 student-assistants

Blue Book Trainee - European Commission, Representation in Copenhagen

March 2023 - Juli 2023

As a Blue Book Trainee working for the largest directorate  (DG Communication), I gained in-depth insight into how the European environment affects businesses and society. I worked in a fast-paced environment and connected with important stakeholders, such as commissioners, ministers, large companies, and Think Tanks.

  • Assisted with the organization and scheduling of commissioner visits from Brussels

  • Successfully held a talk about the European Year of Skills at the Representation's Annual Networking Event

  • Assisted with confidential political reporting and analyses of EU-DK topics

  • Helped develop exciting social media content and increase our reach

  • Drafted a speech for President Ursula von der Leyen

Student Assistant, Aarhus University

March 2019 - September 2022

I have been a student assistant at Aarhus University. My duties have involved leadership, planning and arranging introduction-weeks for newly enrolled students (Danish and International), as well as presenting and speaking at Open-House Events. ​

Additionally, with the lead role in arranging such events I have had the responsibility of:

  • Leading a team of 8 tutors.

  • Managing schedules and budgets.

  • Developing surveys to evaluate how to improve the introduction-weeks.

  • Served as a mentor and contact person

Student Employee - Midtjysk Lederforum

June 2020 - June 2021

As a student employee at Midtjysk Lederforum my main tasks have been to:

  • Assist the development of a new relevant marketing strategy with special focus on communication.

  • Close cooporation with the Board responsible for this task. 

  • Working with both qualitative and quantitative research skills to highlight the core visions of Midtjysk Lederforum.

  • Engage with current stakeholders through participation in events, trips to different businesses, general assemblies/meetings, and surveys.

  • Conducted and presented extensive market, competitor analyses and strategy-related ideas to the Board. 

Intern, Soft Xpress International

December 2019 - December 2020

As an intern at Soft Xpress International, my main activities and responsibilities was to learn about their import, export, and distribution model in the video games market. Additionally, informing and being in-touch with clients regarding orders and logistic process has been one of my responsibilities as well. 

Further, I have assisted with:

  • Preparing product stock lists for colleagues to offer products to clients in both the B2B and B2C market.

  • Attending international exhibitions abroad, such as the GamesCon Exhibition held in Cologne, Germany.

This helped my understanding of the industry, the new products entering the market and consumer demand.

Graduation Caps


My education has not only provided the foundation for the rest of my experiences, but has also made me a lifelong learner who is eager to gain more skills and knowledge. Take a look at my academics below.

International Economic Consulting (MA), Aarhus University

September 2020 - June 2022

My Master's degree in Economics and Business Administration, 

specialised in International Economic Consulting further increased my understanding of international business. And how business and economies are linked, and dependent on each other.

This was apparent during a real world consulting project simulation in collaboration with Novozymes A/S.

  • During this project, I was selected as team-leader to further refine and learn new skills.

  • As team leader I was responsible for guiding and motivating our team, delegate and communicate with my team.

  • Manage the project timeline and activities.

My team and I were awarded with a certificate for Best Business Conduct.

This Master's degree enabled me to grow academically but also personally allowing me to gain a better understanding of myself. Additionally, my study program pushed my limits above and beyond my self-imposed silver linings, stretching my capabilities beyond what I thought was possible. 

For my Master's thesis which was related to foreign aid and economic/socio-economic development, we were awarded with the highest grade possible.

Economics and Business Administration (BSc), Aarhus University

September 2017  - June 2020

I started my BSc in Economics and Administration at Aarhus University in 2017. My skills and discipline acquired from IB prepared me well for university. I further developed my skills given my role as Class Representative. The different subjects I had during the 3 years as a BA student has allowed me to gain a thorough understanding of the business world, but also linking the influences of economics on business at micro and macro level.
Economics and Business Administration has given me both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice collaborating with companies to write and solve projects related to business issues. I have been able to refine and gain more skills during my education and this led us to receive the highest grade possible for our Bachelor dissertation which was related to how a sustainable business model could work as a strategic asset for businesses in Denmark.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

August 2016 - June 2017

I attended the IB programme at Ikast-Brande Gymnasium in 2015 and graduated in 2017. My IB subjects have been as follows:

  • Business Management, Biology, English, and Danish at higher level.

  • History and mathematics at standard level.

IB also allowed me to focus on out-of-school activities, known as CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Service), broadening my perspective and not only focusing on education.

My time as an IB student really prepared me for university and at the same time taught me to have an open mindset, understand other perspectives, and be a lifelong learner.

When I graduated from IB I was awarded with the Bilingual Diploma.



The fact that we are always learning throughout our life despite our age and how much experience we have, is something I find amazing and beautiful. I appreciate being able to further improve and gain new skills. This is why I always look for opportunities to add to my skillset.

Online certified marketing course from BrandSome

Online apparel store



Health is Wealth

I strongly believe in work-life balance and therefore I make sure to invest in myself as well. I truly enjoy a morning walk where I can feel and take in the calmness and beauty of nature. Additionally, having been an elite-level swimmer, I love a good cardio and resistance training which fires me up with adrenaline and makes me feel alive.

Travelling & Photography

Major Creativity Boosts

I love to travel and experience our beautiful world, meeting new people, and learning about other cultures. It's something I really cherish. Two years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Nepal, and it was just so beautiful. Seeing the vast snow-capped mountains and the tip of Mount Everest was a unique experience in itself.

Music, Movies & Good books


I very much enjoy listening to music whenever I can. It is a great way of realising and expressing emotions. I enjoy a variety of music ranging from pop, jazz, and classical. Listening to music is a great way for me to disconnect and relax. I feel the same way about movies, as I can simply sit on the sofa and really relax. I enjoy fiction but recently read a book within the psychoanalysis genre called  "The Courage to Be Disliked" by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga and it's now one of my favourites.

Family and Friends 

True Enjoyment

Having a great time with family and friends is something I cherish. I often visit my family both in Denmark and abroad to spend time and enjoy with them and make new memories. The same goes for my friends, where we enjoy get-togethers, relax and just being in each others company. Having such connection with both my family and friends gives me comfort, support and joy.

A Unity..._edited.jpg

Volunteer Work

September 2015 - ongoing


As a volunteer worker for the International charity RSSB in Copenhagen, allows me to perform different activities in their conferences and other areas, that cover general grounds maintenance and gardening.

Along with this, I help with audio set-ups, preparing for events, food serving, as well as childcare services. I have also gained experience by attending conferences at RSSB in India and England. 


October 2017 - 2019

Red Cross

I have been a volunteer at Red Cross, where my main activity and responsibility is to collect donations for different causes. 

Contribution to society and coming together to create change for the better is a way for me to give back to society, which I value and find truly important, as a human being.

Office with a View

My Skills

Description of hard and soft skills

No matter the role or project, I’m confident in the skill set I bring to the table. Take a look below to learn more about my specific abilities, and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

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Hard Skills

Microsoft Package Suite

I have used the Microsoft Package extensively during my work experiences and education. Hence, I have acquired the skills and knowledge needed for professional use of the Microsoft Package for detailed presentations, Word documents, and Excel analyses.

STATA Analytical Software

During my Masters degree I had the subjects Econometrics and Tools for Empirical Economic Analysis and Consulting, where I have learned how to work with extensive datasets, conduct business-related and statistical analyses, using the analytical software STATA, which is similar to the programming software, R.

Hard Skill

Canva Editting Software

Having  had experience with creating content for social media, I have used Canva extensively to edit both photos and videos. This has helped me create eye catching content, grow social media presence and successful reels.

Market Analysis
Team work

Soft Skills

Communication, Self-discipline, Team Work &

Throughout my work experience and education I have had the opportunity to gain and further develop my soft skills. Having responsibilities that require comprehensive organising, planning, presenting, analysing, team work and getting results communication and self-disciple have been vital assets for me. Furthermore, having been Class Representative and team leader for projects enables me to work well in teams with individuals from all backgrounds and understanding different perspectives. Hence, establishing local and international relationships is natural for me.

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"If you're brave enough to start

you're strong enough to finish"

Gary Ryan Blair

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